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Customer Contacted Me Before I Leveled Up

Hi. A customer contacted me asking me about my gig on the same day that I leveled up. I hadn’t updated my levels yet because I woke up to the notifications for both the message and the level increase. I answered their question and then set up my new LEVEL! yay!

Now the customer is back and wanting to buy my gig, asking more questions in my inbox. I really like their idea and think it would be fun to work on. I answered the questions and mentioned the increased level and fees but I feel kind of bad that the price they saw when they first contacted me has changed. What they would have only paid $5 for, I now charge $25 and they even requested that I do a video for them with my response so that is additional.

How would you handle this situation in order to provide excellent customer service?

The fact that you feel bad tells me you have already decided how you should handle the situation.

I have decided to follow the set price I have right now. I am known for over delivering for low prices because what I do is so easy to me but this is a business service that is valuable and most can not handle on their own. I need to start thinking of myself more instead of putting others before me all of the time.

I just wanted to see how others would handle it. You guys are in this with me so only you would understand.

I let my buyers buy at the older/cheaper price if they’d talked to me before I changed my prices. I shouldn’t, I know… but I’m a softie (lol)

I wouldn’t charge $25 if I were you, because the customer contacted you before you changed the price. So I think going with the older price would be the best decision. Customer care comes before anything else when doing this.

Also I don’t see a Level 1 one badge next to your name

Reply to @xpertmarketer: Ditto, I just don’t have the heart to increase the price on my returning customers. I have one guy who has been coming to me for over a year, such an amazing buyer. If I didn’t have to feed the fam, I would do his work for free.

Reply to @danindu001: Takes awhile to update on the forums, if you go to the profile it shows level one.

I made a custom “anything” gig when I hit level 1 and used the $5 option on it for any buyers I had been corresponding with prior to price change. For me it was the right thing to do. Some actually re-bought the gig as a tip (I didn’t have a tip gig yet) to thank me and continued to buy later at higher prices so I’m glad I made that choice.

I will see what they say about the increase in fee. They are asking for a lot of work including things not listed on my gig. They offered to pay double or triple to satisfy me. I don’t think this is asking too much for what they want. I will make sure they are happy in the end- as always.

I enjoy doing this so much! Not the money haggling part- the actual gig part! lol Thanks everyone for chiming in. I see I’m not the only softie.