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Customer continuously asking for changes

Yes i provided Unlimited Revisions for this project because is a big project, but the buyer continue to asking for changes in small things that don’t make any sense.

I start to thinking that this buyer are trying to boring me, to get motives to asking for the cancelation.

That’s could be a problem, because all project is done. The cliente continue asking for changes like: Colors, Fonts (just small things)

What could be done?

***This is another buyer that bought a gig, and asked in the briefing for i make a logo (Yes another cliente asked this for me for free, i refused of course)


@mateusbl I think if you mentioned that you will provide Unlimited Revisions then you should…

And one thing If Buyer is asking for Changes again and Again that’s not bad bro… if you do best your buyer will understand and might leave a good tip for you… so always stay confident and give you 110% to every single job …

Good Luck


I don’d think that will be the case, i can see that he will ask for cancelation and get all project done

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@mateusbl Well i think that also depends on Your Way of communication… I mean if you use Good Words … Buyer never want to cancel unless we are doing wrong with the project requirements.

I also experienced such cases but … all i learned is if we use good words to communicate that helps alot and many times it ends up with a Good Tip


See that:

  • This is the second client that buy my gig, and after tell me to create a logo for free.
  • Both of this clients that ask me logo for free, give me problem and try to cancel.
  • I thinking that they get angry when we refuse, because they thinking that we will work for free.

I’m always respect full, because is difficult to make the communication only in the platform.


They already placed order and now they asking to make it for free and cancel the order ?

  1. I create website design, they buy this Gig.
  2. Then in the requirements they say that i need create the logo
  3. I refuse because i don’t create logos, and don’t will do this for free
  4. Then i create the website design, and in the end they try to cancel.

@mateusbl I think if you can manage to explain the situation to your buyer in details maybe he/she understands you

Yes for both clients that ask me the logo for free, i explain that i don’t create logo.

So i do what they bought, but in the end they try to cancel. This time i have all screenshots, for send for Fiverr if i need.

If you reach out to Support and explain them what exactly happening they will give you best possible solution am sure

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Be careful about offering revisions. If there is one revision where you do not attach the document, then customer support staff will see it as you ‘not using the revision system correctly’ even if there are no changes needed to have been made initially. Customer service refuses to acknowledge it if you even mess up once on the revision redelivery of it (even if there wasn’t any changes needed to be made)

They will use this as what I call a blanket for this excuse. Be diligent in the future and not offer any revisions. Just do the revisions outside of the order itself without using the function as it becomes very easy for a buyer to be able to dispute, get a refund, and damage your profile. It’s just better that way and leaves you less vulnerable to people abusing the refund system, which is a possibility you could be vulnerable to OP.

Your service doesn’t offer a logo. If it says within the gig that you do not create a logo with your website, then you need to highlight that this is a service which is not within the gig. They cannot demand something that isn’t written in the gig. This is ToS. You need to immediately highlight that this is the ToS which is being broken to customer support before they lie to Fiverr to get you in trouble by refunding.

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Hi thanks, i’m in contact with the Support. The client don’t asked for cancelation yet, but i know that he will try to cancel, just because i refuse to do the logo.

And i’ll add this item in my Frequently Asked Questions that i don’t create logo. I think: Do i really need to writing this thing? :rage:

Yeah. Best to cover your bases in this regard, so adding that will be necessary IMO. This isn’t so much for the customer, as they rarely read the FAQ, but rather, for customer service to take note of in these cases. This helps you when you lodge a complaint with fiver support staff before they can, as often, the customer’s voice is viewed heavier than the sellers, so giving them all the possible information and violations of the TOS will help favor you in their decision process.

There’s a scary tactic a customer can have which could have them lodge a bad rating because you didn’t refund them. That’s your second greatest danger. It’s usually best to take a loss on these clients, as they just have too much power over us and the customer support team usually sees it the buyer’s way than us. Sorry about that. Hopefully, there is a way for you to guarantee some compensation without taking damage as a buyer. Really despise when people take advantage of us like that. :confused:


A lot of sellers think that offering unlimited revisions is a good idea until a buyer like this comes along. Then they see the light.

On a semi-related note, I’m rewriting my gig terms at the moment to add: “I DON’T DO LOGOS” in there. Some buyers employ this sneaky tactic when they try to argue that if a poster includes a logo (or multiple logos), it’s up to me to design those for free.


Yes i’ll revise this unlimited revisions, i provided in this one because is a big project. And now a big problem

The best advice I will give is “what doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger.” These kinds of customers come once in a blue. So when you face this kind of situation just don’t be rude, just play along and in the end, you might be lucky to have a tip or a return buyer. Otherwise, the outcome will forever hurt you and your gig.

Good luck!