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Customer Coupons

I think it’d be cool if Fiverr allowed us to offer coupons to encourage repeat customers. Maybe “buy 5 get one free,” or “try out my service for free.” I think with proper checks and balances, this could repeat a lot of repeat business.

Oh yes. You never got these deals from your email?

Some times fiverr offers: Buy a few gigs and we’ll give you one free.

They have these offer sometimes.

However a “try my service free” is actually a very neat idea!

Keep thinking!

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys |2014

Well, Fiverr does that sometimes as The creative guys point out.

However, it is nice if a seller can do that too in the form of a coupon.

I gave my 100th buyer a discount on his order, but a coupon would have been better, because that way, he could have been a repeat buyer.