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Customer didn't come on line for needed requirements, now need revision and again he is off line

a week ago i had an order to manage and promote facebook page. he didn’t ask if i am abe to do the job( i mean without a conversation with me he create an offer). I entered and asked to him for needed requirements because i won’t be able to manage it without an allowing to enter to his page, but he was not entering. I started to promote only this page buy posting it and with sharing…and i missed the order because it was marked as i was late to deliver it. i mean he didn’t enter so i haven’t got any conersation with him and it was on line marketing so no any documents shall i send him.Anyway i send the profile back after the deadline so its marked that i was late. i contact with customer support but they won’t reply to me…and 2 hours ago this person entered and ask a revision and went out from the fiverr again. So i can’t do anything now because the system doesn’t show me the button so i can send him thati need requirements and he didn’t answer on my question that i need requirements from him and also he didn’t say why he send me a revision he wrote me only " what do you do?’ he is italian ,so maybe he wanted to ask me to manage it again or etc.

Anyway i don’t mnow what to do with this order now. What shall i do in this kind of cases ?

Thank you


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I believe you should have ‘delivered’ before deadline with a message explaining that you can’t do the work without the information you need, and that once he sends you the information (making you admin on his fb page, and anything else) you will complete the work.

Yes…i didn’t think that this will happen.i tried many times to talk with her and asked for requirements but she didn’t answer.anyway rigth now i don’t know how to handle with this issue,because i don’t see any button about requirements and he is again of line :confused:

I don’t understand. What is the status of your delivery right now?
By the way I also am a Facebook Page manager–so I’d like to help you :slight_smile:

Also edit your gig–the ‘buyer requirements’ part. Mark all answers ‘mandatory.’ This way, the order and clock doesn’t start until the buyer gives you the info you need.

well he didn’t explain even what do he need> he order and wrote " in which language will you do?" and then he answered “what do you do” so i confused honestly too.but the GIG was about managing and promoting the facebook page

You may chose to cancel the Order via Resolution Center on Order page. some “Buyers” are more of pranksters.

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CS used to advise this, but now it’s strictly forbidden. Empty deliveries can get you banned.


Oh–I was not aware of that change. Thanks for letting me know. :slight_smile:
TOS keeps changes–is there a place on the forum or elsewhere where updates are posted? Or are we supposed to reread the long tos page anew everyday?

Sometimes it gets mentioned on the forum, but if you don’t hang out here often, it’s easy to miss.

Here are the relevant parts:

“Sellers must send completed files and/or proof of work using the Deliver Completed Work button (located on the Order page) to mark the order as Delivered.”

"Fiverr Customer Support will cancel orders based on, but not limited to, the following reasons:

Delivered Orders (after the seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)

The seller uses the Delivery system to extend the delivery due date to complete the requested service without providing the final delivered service to buyers.

Note: Multiple reported offenses will result in permanent suspension of your account."


You can open a dispute with your buyer and ask to extend the delivery time or ask them to cancel the order.

Thanks so much. 20 ch

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Does opening a dispute pause the clock?

Sometimes it stops on the order page, but, in my experience, it keeps running in the background (and you find out once it starts again).

Well the customer doesn’t care…i tried to open a dispute, but seems its not moving, will wait now for naother 2 days maybe.

THank you

Yes, i should but that happened and now i don’t know how to handle :confused:

Yes, My people are famous for that, and spaghetti.

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sorry hehe…for what do u mean ?