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Customer didn't pay me. What do I do?

I know it’s long but pleeeease read!

Ok so here’s what happened. I got a customer that wanted me to do something which required a lot of work. The problem though was that the customer would not respond my messages, and had not given me enough information about what he wanted me to do from the beginning. When I finally got the customer to give me enough info so I can start working, the order was already late. What he wanted me to do was something online, so once I finished part of the job, it was automatically uploaded online which means that he could see at what point I am. As I told you, this order took a long time, and since he did not respond my messages for the first 3-4 days and then took him another 2 days to respond other messages, my order ended up being very late. So since he was able to see at what point I was, when I was around 75% of the order done, he canceled the order (and since I was “late” it didn’t ask me to agree with it) and then he gave me a negative review (which resulted in me getting a very negative ratting on my profile and my gig since I am kind of new and haven’t had many sales), saying that he will order another gig soon. Almost a week has passed, and not only has he not ordered the gig, but he doesn’t even respond my messages. Now the only thing I could do is go and delete the online work I’ve done (just so he doesn’t get work done for free), but the negative review won’t go away so I’ll be the one losing here. What can I do? Can I report him or something? What is a way to get paid? Please help!

You can at least ask support to remove the negative review because he was unresponsive, but there’s no way to get paid now :c

Delete your work!

Fiverr should protect more workers. I also had some customers who have disappeared without opening the order.

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If you want to remove that review, please contact customer support. Attach the screenshots of your conversation with the buyer and raise a ticket to remove that review. It will be resolved :slight_smile:

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Delete the work you’ve done for him so he can’t use it. Why would you let him use it after all this? Of course that doesn’t make the negative review disappear, but your hard work to him for free won’t do that either.

This was from 2014

This is why you shouldn’t work for a client unless they place an order with you.


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I was going to reply this…Sudden your message appeared :stuck_out_tongue:
"This was from 2014"
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