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Customer does not provide proper answer when I asked a question

Hi, I’m having an order from Arabic customer, and during the work on-going there were some issues to be explained by the customer. I asked several times, and finally created an complete document about issues I clarified, but the customer does not provide proper answer, and pasting same information again and again without any sense.

What is the action I should take for this situation, and can I get assistance from customer care?


Hi there…,

First, it will be a good lessons for you.
If your client failed to provide seller decent information before ordering, then it’s better to pass the project.

Because your seller is not English speaker, then you should try explain more clearly that you can’t provide best result without further assistance from buyer.
If Buyer still can’r provide you any information, and situation worsen, Mutual Agreement is the next step. I still prefer lose little money than got 1 star rate.
I don’t think CS can help you with this, because your seller did try to communicate with you, eventhough very poorly.

Wish you luck,


Thank you for the great reply. yes I totally agree with you. I asked him at first to give the project to another developer because he did not accepted my charge. But he wanted me to do his project.

Anyway, I’m new here and not knowing much about Mutual Agreement. did you mean cancelling order or something?