Customer Does not respond,then should I cancel order,Does it impact cancel Order?


My client is not responding, What should i do? Gig time is going to end.He has not given a little bit information.

If I cancel order,it will be in my cancel list and Ratio of cancel will increase…what should i do?


I also need the answer!


We tried to help you last night when you asked about mutual cancellations.

If there’s nothing else you can do but go for a mutual cancellation, then go for it.

The repercussions can be no worse than having a negative review on your account when you’ve got few reviews already. Truth is, apart from the cancellation percentage going down on your seller dashboard, none of us really know what happens behind the scenes.

Please, don’t revive threads that are over 3 years old in the future - there are plenty of threads to read to find what you want. :slight_smile: