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Customer don't need that order anymore


I wanted to ask… that a customer came to me she said i need a website i completed her order and then she replied to me… Can you transfer my funds to another order as the website is no longer needed instead she wants flyers and business cards in the same order… so does she gets the original source files of website??? if she cancel the order??
what to do now?? i am confused please help

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It is not your responsibility that the website is no longer needed.
If you did fulfill all requirements, then you deserve to get the fund.

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Yes. i delivered as per requirements. What to do to get rid of cancellation?

Explain to the buyer that the requirements have been fulfilled. You finished the job and you should be paid.
Then redeliver.
If that doesn’t solve the case, you can contact customer support and explain everything (with screenshots as proof, if possible).
A popular example the folks here often quote: You go to a restaurant, order a pizza. Later when the pizza is on the table, you say “I don’t feel like eating pizza anymore, can you replace it with sushi?”. Hope the angry chef won’t turn you into sushi.


lol … :joy:
Got your point… thank you

I’ll use this line in the future. :joy:

If you did the work OP, you deserve to get paid for it. Plain & simple!