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Customer don't sets a clear target

Hello everyone, I’m new to the fiverr, I’m a model. Sometimes a person can’t explain what i need to do. For example: he need a video but don’t show an example. Vaguely describes what needs to be done.
And I do not understand 100% what customer needs. If we start a business with this person and I will make a bad order because I do not have a clear task. Then i loose mi temi and maybe have bad raiting in fiverr. What is better to do in such a situation?

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Hi, I am new as well. Can you request to talk everything over before they make the order?
Then you will have nothing to loose if you don’t do the work because you are not comfortable.

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You’re Harry Potter Like “Hermione Granger” in the movie😜

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Using the message section
Show examples to buyer…

“Delivery Button”
Before using
Use the “Attach Button” to ask if he likes it