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Customer don't want to accept the delivered order


A guy ordered by gig after I deliver my work he always reject it. "Requires Modification"

I already checked my work and tell my friends to check it and they said it was working. I guess he’s trying to scam me after getting the file. What action should I do?



Thanks for adding what I was thinking, but don’t have the tech speak to say!



Hi and welcome.

The Buyer has the privilege of requesting a mod. You say “he always reject it.”

  • Does this buyer have a history of this behavior?
  • For this one order?
  • For all orders?

    If there is a history of trouble with this Buyer you might want to request a cancellation and move on.

    If there is no history and it’s just a fussy Buyer, then do whatever it takes to deliver something they will be happy with and move on.

    And your friends don’t need to be involved, as they’re not the ones buying the gig.

    Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.


@kjblynx :wink:

Happy New Year!


Thank you for the reply. He keeps giving me requires modification but there is nothing to modify because it is already done. He keeps saying “It’s not working” but all of my friends told me that it is working.




here is the page I’m doing for him. He keeps telling me that the drop down doesn’t work.


So it looks like you deal in code or similar. Is it possible that you just need to educate the Buyer on how to use what you’ve created?


Reply to @voiceoverwork: I already have sir I documented every line of code even the instruction on how to use them. I even request to have a teamviewer session with him. But he doesn’t want to he even not provide me any proof. He just respond “Dropdown Doesn’t work”




Had to ‘fragglesrock’ the link. Off Fiverr links not allowed, nor is calling anyone out.

So Buyer says drop downs don’t work. I see it does.

  • What happens when the submit button is pressed?
  • Is there any type of failure?
  • Is the Buyer experiencing some other issue that he did not expect?


if the button submit is pressed it will be directed to paypal the payment page.

No failure sir. I think he just want a free code.


Well you may be right about that.


What fiverr can do if he’s scamming me and don’t want to pay?

Do I still get my $4?


Keep all your screenshots and documentation.

You can always plead your case with Fiverr Support, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but at this very early stage in your Fiverr development, chances are slim and none that support will vote for you rather than for the Buyer.

You could offer help one more time. From there a mutual cancellation sounds like the right choice. You will loose $4, but it will allow you to put this behind you and move on.


Keep in mind that code can work differently depending on what device, browser, and operating system your client is on. Ask him what he’s running and try to test it on the same device. You’ve probably already tested it on different browsers, but it’s amazing how many people still run IE 8 on Windows XP.

If your drop-down is using JavaScript, your client might be one of the rare few with JS disabled or using ad-blocking software that accidentally blocked your code.

A broken cache can cause trouble as well; be sure he’s cleared his cookies and cache and restarted his browser. Tell him to try a different browser, disable plugins/add-ons or use incognito/private browsing modes.

Sorry if you’ve already gone through these steps; just a few tips in the hopes you might resolve the issue or spark other ideas to help you out.