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Customer Feedback is not given, job is done!

Custom Order and Client marked it as completed but He didn’t give me any feedback or rating. Why?
Anyone, please tell me. Do I ask for the rating but In Fiverr rating word is not allowed.


Do not expect every customer to give you a rating. Some do, some don’t. They already paid you, and you delivered the work. That was the extent of your agreement. A review is a privilege, not a right.

And, no, you should not ask for a rating in any way whatsoever. It can lead to a warning or a suspension.


Thanks for your reply but “job completed review” is not showing on my profile that’s why.

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@vibronx has given you a great answer.

Just a bit of context, I find about two in every three buyers leave feedback.

Also remember that Fiverr reminds all buyers to leave feedback. So, it’s fair enough to assume that if a buyer doesn’t leave feedback (after they’ve been reminded) - it is a conscious decision on their part not to do so.

Don’t worry about it. Just move on with your life.


I have a few returning clients that love my work, complete their orders, leave tips, and return when they need another project done. However they never leave reviews. Some people may not want to be linked to your service and want their transactions to remain confidential.


I agree with you. I find constant requests for reviews annoying, I will leave one if I feel like it. Imagine I completed a review for every restaurant meal, Uber, purchase on Amazon, every book on my Kindle, etc. I would be spending all day just writing reviews - and also for what? There is absolutely no incentive on any of these platforms for the person leaving review, so it is an entirely selfless task. Deliver a great service, and maybe you’ll get a review. If not, get over it and move on.


In terms of the wider world - things like making a purchase on Amazon or eBay, etc - life is too short. I have no desire to review every aspect of my life.

However, I do think it’s a little different on Fiverr where you are buying a personalised service. It takes just a few seconds to review a job well done and publicly thank an individual, or else give future buyers a heads up that a service isn’t all the gig promises.


I got 5 star and i had a good understanding as well but after the project completed, he just gone!!

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I agree with you, but I don’t think many buyers realize how important leaving a review is for a seller on fiverr. To them it’s just another platform requesting a review - and to my previous point, just more “review fatigue”.