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Customer Fraud- How do I get money back from a chargeback?

I completed an order for a customer on June 7th. Around 10-15 minutes ago the buyer just ‘cancelled’ the order, returning the money to them and taking it from my account. How do I get the money back? I’ve already contacted CS, but do they usually compensate you for the money that’s been stolen from you?

This is my first time encountering this type of scam, and it’s really alarming that this is even possible because I have a couple of larger orders that I didn’t realize this could happen to.

Update: My order completion rate has now dropped as well.
This really sucks, I hope fiverr does something about this.

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Yes, if it indeed discovered as fraud, you will be compensated, though it may take upward of a month.

The completion rate drop does hurt, but it will should only affect your account for two months.


Thanks for the link!
I didn’t even know charge backs were possible until now. This really sucks, because the buyer is actively using my art knowing they didn’t pay for it…

That you can call for a ‘cease and desist’ of sorts.
It’s in the ToS, rights are transferred on payment. Now that payment’s been canceled.

This thread is older, but maybe more help?

Hi! But is the scammer’s profile still active? Because when it’s a chargeback they are banned… But because they just cancelled minutes ago, maybe it will take a bit longer for them to be banned.

Either way, if you have proof that they are using your art, printscreen it and send it to CS as well.

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Yeah, their account is still active.
And thanks for the info, I just took some screenshots for proof!

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Another update: I’ve lost my gig ranking.
I’ve been a constant 2nd page listing ever since I started selling, and now I can’t even find myself in search. My impressions have dropped and I also haven’t got any new orders since.

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