Customer is asking for more than what is offered & getting dozens of revisions in a threatening way


Why should I get negative reviews from customers who are being unreasonable and unfair. One guy I gave a free service with his order as a courtesy (3d book) that he didn’t even ask for and got upset because I wouldn’t continue to edit the free item. Then the item ordered, he keeps submitting dozens for revisions and being very rude. Now I’m afraid that he’s going to give me a negative feedback because I informed him that I was sending the doc to him to make the dozens more revisions that he’s needing. He’s changing text from what he’s sent, adding and removing when all we do is copy and paste what the customer gives us and formats it. The guy wants me to go to the moon and I am done.


The customer is now threatening to report us to fiverr even though we have completed his gig. He is wanting services that are not what is offered. Again, why should my score be affected by an unreasonable buyer.


This is the issue with free services because sometimes people can claim that the free service is not worth it so they rate you negative overall which is never fair for sellers. I think it is good enough to just offer what is within the $5($4) deal because they are already getting a good service for what you are doing so going extra mile is not going to make them happy all the time.


I have a buyer doing this to me right now, too! He purchased 3 gigs from me and wants me to perform six. He has threatened bad feedback if I don’t do 3 gigs for FREE. I have reported him to fiverr. What can I expect to happen?


Reply to @aveproductions: you can request for mutual cancellation


No… i don’t think CS will remove the negative feedback… they will tell you to work it out with buyers… unless the feedback is too offensive, they will remove offensive words, but not the thumb down. Been there couple of times.


If they remove the thumb down, you rating won’t be affected right?


Reply to @bachas85: I’m not so sure… My only thumbs down was from someone who was a complete a**. He said my final product was not what was shown although it was exactly that. It was from a template, not sure how it can be something else. Especially when no other customer has ever complained. He was also verbally abusive saying all kinds of things. I had even showed them proof of him doing the same exact thing to other people on amazon and other sites. I thought for sure CS would side with me but they didn’t. All they said was to work it out with the buyer…