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Customer is asking more than what Gig offers

So i have a gig for video to blog/article and the max video length is upto 5 mins. Now i just received an order where customer has sent a 60 mins long video to be converted into an article. I have messaged the customer as well as the resolution center but 1 day has already passed and it is a 2 days gig and i have no answer so far. correctly.

I have another gigs that go upto 30 mins but none for 60 mins but the customer selected the cheapest gig for his video. This is really unfair, why should i be the one hassling over it when clearly it’s the customer who has not placed his order

What am i suppose to do now? Would the order cancellation have any impact on my profile or rating?


Order cancellation affect sellers profile. Because it decreases the percentage of the “Order completion rate”.
On the other hand is a 5 minutes package converted to 12x the actual package which is not right. If you have used the resolution center for cancellation and the buyer hasn’t responded to that, after two days the order will automatically get cancelled.

Try to relax and let the outcome be resolved by the resolution centre, there’s no use crying over spilt milk but at the very least if you present your case properly, i’m sure things will work out. Let the order get cancelled and contact fiverr making sure they know that the buyer was trying to abuse the system by expecting significantly more work than you agreed or advertised to do.

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