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Customer is not responding - what to do


I need some advice about this situation. I have a writing gig
a client placed an order and asked me to write about his service (tree cutting), it is 90% done but among his requests I should write a few lines about what else is included in his service. obviously I need him to tell me what else beside the actual cutting is included. the client is responding very slow 24-48hrs and his last response did not include answer to my question.

I have only 15 hours left, how should I handle this?

if I ask for more time, I will not get his approval on time. I don’t really need more time. once I get his answer the work will be ready within minutes.
I don’t want to cancel the order. why should I ? I worked hard on this

so what can I do?


Just submit the order,if buyer needs any change he/she must contact you for revisions.

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agree with @ad_design21

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But if he will reject the work it will be marked as “late” no?

no it shows your work is in revision section.

I would put in your project for him the phrase:

Just contact us to hear about everything we include in our service.

And send him a note with delivery that if he wants to add things included he can tell you what those things are and you will be happy to revise it for him. Tell him that as it is now, it encourages people to call him. Say in your note that you didn’t get a response to your question to him about what the things are that are included so you chose what you consider a good alternative, until he provides you with the information you need.

And deliver it.