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Customer Is Trying to Weasel More Work Out of Me {CS helped}

This is one of those customers that right off the bat, I knew would be trouble. When someone orders your base gig and has 10 million requirements you know they want a lot for nothing. Then after delivering more words than I would normally (because I can tell it would be a problem if I just did the Gig I promised) I get all sorts of revise this, change that–none of which were requirements that this person gave me in the beginning. It all came after the order. I made those changes and redelivered. Then I get another and another–all similar. None of them grammatical, just “lets go with this name over that”, aka stuff he could do himself with Find/Replace.

Finally today this person asks me to also release the PR and THEN he’ll “write a positive review”. Well, the release is a gig extra and costs another $20-50. I know I should cancel for the sake of ratings because if I don’t give in I’ll just get a 3 star and a bunch of BS in the review, but I just can’t do it. I’m angry that someone would try to take advantage of me.

Rant over.

There are some that you can probably do that with, but this person (I believe) is a scammer. He waited until he got the product, asked for more and more, asked for a $20 gig add on with a “do this for me and get a good review” and when I didn’t gave me a 1 star. Those are the types who want you to give them the product first so that they still have it when you cancel. He keeps adding the review after they remove it because he wants me to give him his money so he can keep the review. He probably would at this point cancel, but I don’t think he deserves to have his money and my content. I’ll take the hit because he needs to learn a lesson.

Reply to @infinityplusone: Hopefully CS will send the buyer a warning, because that sort of behavior isn’t allowed.

Reply to @mememakermagic: Naming and shaming either buyers or sellers is forbidden by the forum rules.

CS removed his comment again. We’ll see if he posts it back. They said they will keep removing it for me until he stops. So I’m very happy with CS and their taking a stand with buyers.

I had a similar issue only last week, although in this case the buyer turned abusive when I kept pointing to my gig description and extras and saying (basically) “if you want more, you need to pay more”. I got a flamingly bad review (but of course–I am Satan re-incarnate and Fiverr’s worst writer according to this buyer!) and took it to CS who deleted the review less than a day later. Not before writing a scathingly bad review back–not that anyone will ever see it sigh (although I noted my review wasn’t deleted).

Double win for me–I don’t think the buyer will be back!

My only advice to anyone facing one of those clients is to stick to your guns but be polite and courteous while doing so. I simply send my order number in with any complaints to CS so they can view the whole conversation. Let the buyer make their review after unprofessional threats and it’ll be gone.

It’s all quite clearly listed in Fiverr’s TOS and somewhere on their customer support page, so if you back up your argument to CS and you haven’t been rude/unprofessional back to the buyer, CS should remove it. It’s the people who go “plz delete this bad review” with no reason or rhyme that I suspect get short shrift. This has only been the first time I have had to do it however. Most bad buyers just go quiet and go away :slight_smile: (thank God)

NEVER give freebies away unless you have somehow screwed something up on your end–you are just encouraging bad buyer behavior in future, and if there’s one thing we all want to nip in the bud…

If the buyer said something like “Do this extra work for me for free, then I’ll write you a positive review,” DO NOT DO THAT EXTRA WORK. You now have all the proof you need to show CS that he was using a rating as leverage to get stuff for free, which isn’t allowed and is grounds for removal of any rating he leaves you if you don’t do that work.

This is just my personal policy, and it doesn’t work for everybody, but in general, I don’t see why a seller should make revisions that have nothing to do with the original instructions. If I mess up and don’t follow the original instructions? Sure, they get a revision. If they mess up? No.

I always wonder how effective CS is in removing negative reviews when there is proof that it was unwarranted. If I went by the comments on the forum, I would say CS has not been very effective. More than once I have been asked to do something that was extra work and wondered if I stood my ground would CS have my back. I can only go by what I read on the forum so I have my doubts.

My policy is basically is to do what is best for my gig and not rely on CS.

If they are polite and what they ask doesn’t require me to revamp the whole project I will do it.

If they keep coming back for more and get nasty in the process, I will have to assess if I want to throw away the time invested or continue with the process. I have no hard and fast rule – my gut tells me what to do

A few times I requested a mutual cancellation and after the buyer denied the cancellation and begged me to do one more thing, I gave in. BIG MISTAKE…now I always trust my gut.

I have come up with some scam names.

“RATING SCAM” basically do as I ask or you get a low rating

"CANCELLATION SCAM" buyer gets what they want and later you find out the gig was cancelled by CS for whatever reason

"THREAT SCAM" this only happen to me once but read about it here on the forum several times where the buyer threatens the seller if they don’t do as they say, they will report them to CS and get their gig banned.

Bottom line, I think sellers do what they have to do to keep their business thriving. Not knowing if CS has their back or not, even when they are in the right, most sellers do what is best for their gig and if all else fails, maybe turn to CS as last ditch effort.

Sorry, as a seller, I just don’t know if I can trust CS enough, based on forum posts, to have my back when a buyer is putting the screws to me.

Do you?

The guy did exactly what I thought he’d do. When I politely refused to give him the release with the $5 base gig (they do cost me money), he gave me a 1 flippin’ star and wrote something like "not what i expected’.

Hello Sir, can you please read the gig specifications and requirements first? Then it would be “as you expected”.

Reply to @emasonwrites: I didn’t do it (I was polite though) and he gave me a 1 star not even a 3 star like I expected. I took a screen shot and turned it into customer service. I hope they do something but …

Reply to @steveeyes: we will see if they do. I took a screen shot of the conversation so I hope they do respond. My gig requirements are clear about what I will do or not do.

Reply to @infinityplusone: Yep, rating system is a buyers weapon to use if they don’t get what they want. Let us know either way if CS helps or not.

These buyers should be named & shamed, so others know who to avoid.

What is ‘CS’?

Well customer service sided with me - Yay!- because they reviewed the interaction and the “I’ll write a good review if” but as soon as they deleted, he wrote another review, this time worse! I wrote them back hoping they didn’t close the case so they’ll delete it again, but this is just really petty at this point.

Reply to @steveeyes: CS sided with me, pulled his review and darned if he didn’t put it right back up but with meaner words this time.

@mememakermagic: customer service :slight_smile:

Don’t you know you should be eternally grateful for his $5? That without it you’d be living in the gutter eating nothing but leftover pizza crusts.

I say give him all of the things he wants, and more. Offer to work for him forever, for free. How dare you, you greedy person, ask politely for a little more money to pay for the service you offer. Don’t you know his $5 means he owns you, and anybody else he pays $5 to?

Ok - seriously, well done for standing your ground. :slight_smile: Buyers like this are absolute jackasses. Just keep getting his reviews deleted. After 30 days he won’t be able to leave any more and you’ll have won. I suppose another consolation is that anybody THAT cheap is likely to fail in business, and pretty soon too I’d expect.

Reply to @sara1984: I suppose I could be equally petty and blog about his website or Yelp it to see how he likes it.

"This is one of those customers that right off the bat, I knew would be trouble."

I cancel the order when I know this. Sometimes you just know immediately.

They do not intend to be pleased with anything. 99.9% of all my clients are wonderful so the bad ones stand out.

Also one of the customers that won’t allow it until after you give them the product they can use.