Customer Issue - Unable to leave tip on this order



Hopefully this is the right place for this if not I’m sorry yadda yadda yadda.

I had a customer contact me tonight to ask me to explain what this error message was about. I call it an error message but actually it looks pretty intentional and not an error. Just wondered if anyone could shed any light on why this might be? I’m sure you can appreciate that this is rather annoying and is preventing sellers from getting extra revenue from their hardwork.


Wow that is a new problem! I hope you ask customer support about that and let us know what they say. In the meantime you can have a tip gig.

Maybe the credit card they used was declined for the tip? I’ve gotten tips recently so it’s not for every order.


Hmm. Maybe no level sellers can no longer receive tips??


Yeah that would be the icing on the cake. I lost my level 2 after being in hospital for several months and unable to access my account. All my hard work wiped out in one go and now this? But then again thinking about it I received a tip yesterday and the day before so I can’t be that.


Okay will do. ill let you know what they say.


Okay, so it’s probably a credit card issue as seen in the error graphic. Like MissCrystal said.


Hi,anyone only give the tip after order is completed not before the order is delivered.


Hi, I hope you managed to find out why this happened.
I’m new to Fiverr and I actually didn’t know customers can leave tips. I haven’t bought anything yet myself so I don’t actually know what the order delivery page looks like from the buyers side. Is there like an option or button to leave a tip in the order delivery page from the buyers side?


Yes, upon delivery of a gig, the buyer can choose to rate/review and give a tip if he/she so chooses to.