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Customer keeps pressing me to cancel

I’m an illustrator and new to fiverr and my first customer sent a direct message asking for something specific, with sample images how he would like the image to be.

I made a custom gig to his preferences and he accepted.

I spent 5 hours creating the illustration exactly as he described and submitted it.

Then the problems started.

He asked for amends which were extensive. I accepted the amends and made a full set to his requests which added another 4 hours of my work.

He came back to request more amends, this time totally outside of the scope, in direct contradiction to all the points he raised when I designed the gig for him first time.

I explained that since that would require a full redraw, I would do that for him, but I would need to charge it as an extra.

He refused point-blank and insisted that I cancel the order. I searched the forums and it seemed that the consensus was not to do this. So I followed the conflict resolution settings, re-firming that since the customer had changed his mind, I would be happy to create a new illustration, but he would need to pay for me to do that.

He retorted that I hadn’t delivered what he had asked for and here’s the kicker - he had already asked two other designers the same and they had done a similar illustration to me and had ‘failed’. I really get the impression that he’s trying to scam me and waste my time.

Do you have any advice or experience of the same thing and how can I resolve it?

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In short cancellation is better than bad rating.
Cancel through customer support it won’t affect your completion score.
Report his profile with chat screenshots.

You could list his requirements, and then exactly what you’ve done. Politely, of course. You could also politely explain that, if he cancels, he has no legal rights to use any of the work you sent to him for any purpose, and that you’re going to publish it on your portfolio site (which would mean that he would be accused of plagiarism if he ever uses it anywhere). Mentioning a DMCA takedown notice if the work is found on any website is also an option. He could get furious if you tell him all of that, so be careful.

The trouble is, even if you keep refusing to cancel and he eventually accepts the order, he could give you negative feedback, and since you’re new, it could make it difficult for you to get any new orders.

It might be a good idea to contact Customer Support, Trust & Safety team, and send them screenshots that prove that he’s trying to get work for free, not just from you, but also from two other designers.

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