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Customer left a review saying I was drunk


I did a reading for a customer. Not only was this customer extremely rude, but they cancelled their order and was still able to leave feedback??
On top of this, they harassed me, said I was a “scam” and that I was “drunk.”
This is completely unacceptable. The customer was so, so so rude.

I just reported it to Customer Support - this is not something that should be visible on my gig. Telling someone they are drunk? Are you serious?


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I am sorry Miss PB :rabbit2:. That is unacceptable. I hope that CS deletes it for you. Keep us posted.


I just looked at all your gigs and it’s not there on any of them, just on your profile.

It sounds so crazy I doubt anyone will pay any attention to it. All your other reviews are fantastic so I wouldn’t worry about it. The one who sounds drunk is her.