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Customer left bad rating ‘accidentally’

So I had this customer who is relatively new to Fiverr. It was a translation gig for some instagram posts.

I finished his order, checked that it’s all good, no modifications were required and I even gave him extra instructions about the instagram algorithm and how he can use insights to choose the right time to post. No biggie.

All is well until he left me a 3 star but with a positive review thanking me and saying I did well. He said he clicked by accident. (Edit: I didn’t actually ask him he just let me know afterwards. We were quite friendly)

Is there no way to fix this? I was so proud of my 5 star rating and I always walk the extra mile to make sure my clients are happy. I know that a bad review is inevitable and part of the process but to have it BY ACCIDENT?

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You cannot communicate to a buyer in regards to ratings or feedback on an order. It may result in a warning on your account.

Reviews are virtually never changed. I say “virtually” because there are incredibly uncommon instances in which CS does intervene when prompted to modify reviews. The vast majority of instances will either result in no change, or even worse, a warning for the individual.


Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix this!

Never ever message a buyer regarding their review! Many sellers have gotten a warning (could lead to account suspension) because asked their buyer about a review.

I’m sorry that this happened to you, but there’s nothing that can be changed! This happened to me before, but I couldn’t do anything about it. Continue working hard and good luck!!