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Customer Literally Disappeared and fear bad ratings


Hi guys! So a buyer booked an online tutorial for college maths with me. I delivered the service partly via ■■■■■. The buyer mentions they want me to show them how to do linear regression manually which takes times about 30mins because I made a mistake which I will take responsibility for. However, due to some network issues my ■■■■■ died during the session and upon calling back the buyer they literally disappear. It’s 12 midnight and I’ve called and texted her on here as well as ■■■■■ with no response yet. The order is to be delivered within 24 hours. I don’t know what to do because she can’t be reached. Should I cancel, speak to CS and/or any other suggestions are welcome. I’m afraid this will negatively affect my rating and I’m just starting out which makes it all the more painful.


I might be wrong but… did you called her outside Fiverr? I don’t think that’s allowed , also never deliver partial work because you might get in trouble with support… I also had a look at your profile and saw your main gig , I might be wrong again but Fiverr might think that you offer academic services and as far as I know that’s not allowed anymore .


Helping with homeworks and assignments is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Your gig is likely to be removed at any time.

If you type “homework gig denied” or “assignment gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.


I offer tutoring and as far as I’m aware that’s allowed. I’m not allowed to do work for someone which is why I tutor them and not do the work for them. Also, I understand the need to deliver the complete work but the network issues is something I could not control. I literally called her back in 2 mins and she’s disappeared. No calls picked and no answer to any of my messages on Fiverr.


I was in fact made aware of this the last time I posted on the ‘Improve my gig’ section and deleted my assignment help gig. The service I offer is tutoring the client which is different from doing work for them.

In this situation what can I do? I’m afraid cancelling will mess with my ratings but at the same time I cannot accept her money because I didn’t deliver full work.


If I’m not wrong. Did you really contact with buyer outside fiverr ? You mention keyword “No call pickup” you are not allowed to do that its against fiverr TOS.


I did not know that was against Fiverr’s ToS but how else can I tutor a person is my question? Any suggestions as to how one can go about this?


As far as I know, calling and or texting outside of fiverr if necessary can be done only to help complete the order. My advise for you, whenever you ask for contacts, always say “I do not accept payments off of fiverr for any reason, I am only asking for your number in order to help complete this job”. But again, always try your best to avoid contacting outside of fiverr.


You’re absolutely right contact out of Fiverr should be avoided but in order for me to offer a tutoring session I need to be able to use an online platform such as ■■■■■ to be able to converse live with the tutee. Any suggestions as to what I can do in my case? Plesse note I called her on ■■■■■ as this is where I was tutoring her.


I suggest you to edit your Gig’s description, mention that sometimes you may require a video chat or whatever, but mention that you also never accept payments outside of fiverr and the video chat sessions are only to help complete orders. Make it very clear in your gig’s description.
Paste this as well:
Requesting or providing Email addresses, ■■■■■/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details to communicate outside of Fiverr in order to circumvent or abuse the Fiverr messaging system or Fiverr platform is not permitted.


Thanks very much for this! I’ll definitely edit my gig soon to include this and I’ll alsp mention that due to the nature of tutoring I’ll need to use an online platform to do a voice chat which is what I usually use as many people aren’t comfortable using video chat. I saw one suggestion on another thread where some was asked to speak to CS and get permission from them. I wonder if that is necessary. Any thoughts on this?


Contact them, get their advice. My advice was based on a past experience in which I contacted them and they helped me. You can never imagine how much help I got from CS whenever I contacted them.


I’ll contact them. I’m just afraid they’ll not pay me my dues or delete my gig when it’s genuine.


Well as far as I have understood, you have partially done the work, and you are left with little time,
so if you deliver partially and your time’s up, that’s gonna hurt. If you cancel (if don’t know if we can cancel the order as sellers, can we? ANY ONE, plz guide me) that’s gonna hurt too.
so you are in a bad situation, and I don’t think contacting CS is gonna help.


I think Cancel and Refund is the best option available.


Yes exactly! This is why I’m so stuck about how I can approach this situation. Do you have any suggestions?


I am definitely going to refund her. I can’t accept her money when I’ve not done the work fully.


and if you cancel and refund, we can hope that your client is not gonna give you a negative review for that.


I honestly hope she doesn’t. Fiverr has to have a way to protect sellers from something like this.


yes I agreed.
All the best. :slight_smile: