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Customer never replied, will it damage my reputation?

Unfortunately I late replied 2 customers, so already my reputation is damaged, I don’t want that again, so want to gain it back, but this time I got a direct message from buyer, and asked for prices, and I replied him, but never heard of him, its been 1 week.
I don’t care if he gives me the project or not, but my concern is that will it affect my reputation or not if he doesn’t reply.

Thanks a lot


If you replied but they didn’t then it is not a bad stat for you


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well then its great. thanks a lot

In order to protect your response time stat, you have to reply to the first message from a potential buyer within 24 hours. The quicker you are able to reply, the better your stat.

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getting the time cut down can be difficult without being attached to the laptop. I had a customer contact me from the States at 2 in the morning, it was 5 hours before I saw the message and of course, replied straight away. He has chosen not to reply to my message so there isn’t much I can do about that.

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Hey @english_voice. Good to know. I thought the system was following the entire thread.

No, the only response time that matters is how quickly you respond to the first message in a thread.


Sorry to ask this… So, if a person is harassing me through my inbox I can block without even answer, or it’s always good to say something first, even if I have nothing else to say? I’m asking this because I had a situation with a buyer this year and he was harassing me to get extra work for free (not in the scope of the order placed) after an order completion and the CS told me that I should always answer to buyer messages, otherwise if they claimed about it CS could make a refund on the completed order and that would affect my answer rate as well, and because of that and I had to deal with a lot of non sense for days. Maybe I’m talking about a diferent thing since in my situation there was actually an order placed.

What I’m referring to in the thread is a potential buyer’s first message before an order is placed - you need to respond to that, even if all you write is “Sorry, no” or “It’s not a job for me”. It is your response to that very first message that counts towards your overall response time.

If you choose to block them, from memory a pop up appears asking why you want to block them. You just click the appropriate option.

I think what you’re referring to in your message is different. It sounds like you had an active order with a nightmare buyer. In order to appease customers support, you do need to demonstrate that you are communicating with your buyer. Sorry!


Yes, there are different things, yes. But it’s good to know that is only the first message that counts.

Yes, totally. It was more than one week making copy-paste with the same answer several times a day and the person was insulting me all the time.

Thanks for the clarification.

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