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Customer not replying

What should I do if I have a customer that buys off me regularly but is not responding to messages? My issue is we agreed on a price and went through with payment but then they told me they wanted the order changed and now the order is bigger than discussed ( I charge by word and the change in request added ALOT more words). I requested more money as obviously for the additional words, but now I have less than a day to deliver work and they are not responding to my messages. Should I just take the loss and deliver work or keep trying?

Personally, I would deliver what was agreed upon at the beginning. Do only the work that they actually paid for and deliver it. You can write something very nice about how you would be happy to revise with more work if they choose to make another order. You shouldn’t have to do extra just because they made extras up but you also shouldn’t have to cancel. They may have just become busy and failed to read your messages or they might be testing to see if they can get more out of you for free in the future. You can stay polite and professional without giving in.