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Customer ordered gig, recieved gig, decided they knew the info in my gig now want money back


My gig clearly states the information is a beginners guide, this guy bought the gig and I sent him the guide now he has emailed me back saying he knew all the info and wants his money back.

I declined his cancellation and said why did he order a beginners guide if he knew so much about the topic. I told him I couldnt understand why an expert in a subject would order a beginners guide?

I put it to him that if everybody decided to buy a gig learn the info/ download the info then ask for the money back no seller on fiverr would make any money.

I think its a bit cheeky he has my information video on his computer and wants his money back,

What would you guys do? should I cancel the gig? what happens the next time somebody wants a freebie? This is only my second sale so Im really mad he is laughing at me.




ok dokie, yeah tried to find a balance with polite yet firm grrrr lol


I have a refund policy for my basic gigs of not only “No Questions Asked” but “No Reasons Wanted” …

To me, if you’re not getting refund requests, you’re not marketing hard enough.


I had the same problem in the beginning for one of my gigs but the truth is if the buyer was ok with removing the negative feedback then I would refund. I have always tried to make sure that I don’t get in any kind of argument with the buyer on the order page, rather I try to get in touch with the buyer through messages. If I get a feeling that the buyer is trying to cheat me or has not provided correct feedback I simply forward a request to the fiverr customer support with all the details and believe me they do remove the negative feedback if it is falsely provided by the buyer :-)…