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Customer ordered wrong package


I am a musician on Fiverr and a customer ordered my $10 package that gives you 3 30 second loops.
They only gave instructions for 1 song, though, and I asked after 2 days, they told me they only want 1 song.

So what do I do now? My 1 song package is $5 and I don’t want to overcharge. This guy has been hard to communicate with and I had to ask the same question three times.

What you can do is this:

Give the client what they want with the stipulation that they can come back to you any time for something else they need done with the remaining $5 they ordered.
If you can, you can try to give them something else (a bonus) to go along with what they ordered (if possible).

If you cancel it just because there is a $5 difference, then you hurt yourself in a multitude of ways.

Good luck.


If you cannot manage to communicate in time, then you always have the option to deliver exactly what the buyer has paid for : 3 30 second loops :slight_smile:

*Edited: of course you need to deliver the song that the buyer ordered exactly according to their request AND add more music to the delivery that in total makes 3 30 second loops or more.

You’re not overcharging. $5 and $10 wouldn’t even get your buyer a peek through the letterbox of most recording studios. Do the one song the buyer wants you two and throw in something extra free like two alternative versions/mixes.

Simple as that, really,

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