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Customer orders sth that's different from my gig

Hello! I just got an order without requirements, when I asked what the requirements are, he asked me if I can do a remix of a song he sent. But what I do on my gig is remake songs/make instrumentals/karaoke versions of songs that already exist, not remixes. I’m up for it, but it’s not what my gig is about. What do I do in this situation? Can I just do it even though it’s not what I offer on my gig?


Depends on the wording of your contract (gig page and requirements). ToS states:

If you don’t think you can provide the service with the quality needed, contact CS and politely ask that they cancel the order for you without negatively affecting your stats due to the buyer ordering a service you do not offer.


Thank you for the answer! So technically it’s not against the rules or anything? I do think that I can complete the order. Also, what’s the CS?

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CS is usually an abbreviation for ‘Customer Support’ here on the forums.

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