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Customer Payment Request

hello fiverr. i have a question. i work with a guy and he tells me its better to do a customer payment request (that i dont know what it is) than to buy my gig twice (in order to pay the proper money). Does anyone know what is it? or is it safe?


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I believe he’s talking about a custom order.

Have a read of this article. It should give you more info.

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this article is about sending an offer.

Yeah, you can send a custom offer. If the buyer accepts the terms and pays, it becomes a custom order.

When you send an offer, you can customise delivery times and payment amounts. It sounds like that’s what your customer wants.

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oh ok i understand. i have already started editing his photos. will this be a problem? and also if someone buys a gig can he get the order without buy?

No, it won’t be a problem. Unless he’s already paid you. Then there’s no point sending him a custom offer. He won’t pay you twice.

I don’t understand your second question. :slight_smile:

no he hasnt pay me yet. so its safe to send an offer? i ask if someone buys a gig and can get away without pay?

Oh, ok. Yeah, you can go ahead and send an offer. It’s safe. You can use this feature any time you want to provide a buyer with a service that differs from what you usually offer.

Also, it’s impossible for someone to buy your Gig and not pay you. Fiverr takes the money from a buyer when they create an order. It then pays you when the order is completed. Just make sure you never send work before an order has been created.

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ok i didnt know that! ok then i will send him an offer. thank you so much

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Some new sellers have delivered work through the messaging system. You do not get paid if you do this. As @ahmwritingco always work through the order page. Never work for free! :wink:


One important thing that I would like to point out is:

DO NOT start working on the job (or at least, do not share the completed work with the buyer in any way) before the buyer has either placed an actual order (through your gig) or has ACCEPTED the custom offer (that you had sent to them).

There have been posts in the forum where some sellers, due to their over-eagerness, ended up sharing the completed work (either in part, or in full) with the client… before s/he actually even got an order… only to have their money robbed from them.

Cuz, then, the buyer can just walk away without having to spend any money on placing an actual order… cuz they already got their completed work (for free!) from the seller.


yes i am a new seller so i learn now. so never start a project before order has made! got it!