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Customer possibly deleted account after order?


So I completed an order, the customer was very enthusiastic about the process. But after I delivered, no more messages. When I visit their account from mine (Tapped Out) they enjoy all the benefits but didn’t rate, and I think they might have possibly deleted their account in total… Do I still get paid?



If they did not mark it as “Complete” I don’t think you will get paid. If they marked it as complete and then deleted their account then your payment should still be processed.


Of course you will get paid as they’ve already paid fiverr. So unless they’ve requested a cancellation then you are fine. Of note is I read an article saying only 1 in 4 leave feedback. I’d lose no sleep over it personally. Sometime the ones that are the most enthusiastic are then the quietest.


Thanks for your fast reply. I don’t think he personally marked it, but it does say at the top “Will be marked complete in 3 days”. I guess I’m covered, thanks


Reply to @gyoveg: lol I’m finally noticing that now