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Customer promise to pay a tip for fast delivery and he didn't replay till now

2 days ago, a customer ordered and messaged me " If you finish the work fast with high-quality marketing work I will give you 20 dollar extra tip " , I delivered the order after 3 hours and asked him many times to complete the work or ask for revision, he didn’t replay till now, what a frustrating work, any advice toward this kind of buyers

To quote an infamous line from The Tom and Jerry cartoons “Don’t You Believe it.”

If a customer says that they’ll pay more for quick delivery or has more work for you in the future, take it with a grain of salt. It’s usually never true.


Should I deliver the order on the original time?? You mean that? What is the proper way for that?

Do you like to earn or want to live your life on a tip?

No, I don’t mean that I need the tip , but he didn’t close and rate the service

It is not uncommon for buyers to just disappear after delivering the order. It is not mandatory for buyers to mark the order as complete or leave a rating. If the buyer does not mark the order as complete, the order will automatically get marked as complete 3 days after delivery.

It is also not mandatory for buyers to leave a rating (it is only optional). I understand that reviews are very important, especially for someone with not too many reviews. But there’s nothing you can do if your buyer doesn’t want to post a review (I’d say the average percent of rated reviews is between 65% and 85%) as asking your buyer to post a review can get you a ToS warning (there are many posts on this topic on the forum).


Thanks for replaying, what supposed to do toward this trick from the beginning ? Deliver the order on the time, is it???

That’s a normal thing. In fact, the most frustrating moment is like, when it takes days to get the requirements, and the client asks to send a custom order request and then all of sudden, he/she disappears. :sweat_smile:

You can’t do anything about it except to guess the client’s psychology, by the way, he is communicating. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is no trick, if the buyer want fast delivery they will have to add it as an extra to your order when placing an order.
Nothing else you can do now. You delivered your order and that’s it. You’d better forget about the tip and be surprised if your client will indeed keep his word but it’s not mandatory for him now.


Buyer could report you for harassment.

If the buyer haven’t ordered yet, you can suggest to send them a custom offer with extra fast delivery, the usual cost plus $20 (or whatever they promised as a tip).

If the buyer has already ordered, you can send them a custom extra from the order page, and politely explain that faster delivery costs extra.


it was good one. I am trying to obey your speech

That’s why you must put these things in a contract and have them in your order.

Business doesn’t work on promises.

If it isn’t in the contract/order, the buyer isn’t responsible for it.