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Customer purposely rates me 1, Need help!

Hey there,

I am offering crowdfunding services and I got a customer with a very sick 11-year-old boy which was for me personally heartbreaking. I couldn’t give him services for free so I gave him a custom offer for 5$. I started with his order immediately even tho I got 4 more orders to make before him. I have done services which I charge 100$. I gave him basically everything for free just to help little Lucas and as he was a gamer, owning a youtube channel I posted this to our Youtube community (I own a channel with 15k subscribers). They were really kind and donated, some even donated 50$ and more. When I delivered him services with huge success I asked him if he can help me with my business and give me positive feedback. Three days have passed and he didn’t even say “thank you”. I msged him and told him what i have done for him and he’s not even saying “thank you”. Then his answer was “Do you always attack customers like that”, and rated me 1. I was shocked, he brutally destroyed my business with that rate. I immediately apologized to him if he was offended, cos I didn’t want him to be offended by my msg, and I asked him if we can make this right. After that, he blocked me and left rate 1. I certainly did not deserve rate 1 by making him nearly free services, successful services, immediate job done and I even rated him 5 cos I thought he might rate me very positively. I messaged support and support didn’t even give me reply and it has passed 2 days and half already. What else can I do guys? Please help me


Firstly, this is against TOS.

There is no requirement on Fiverr to “thank” you for being kind, generous or giving a quality service.

You said you have waited 2 days, support is averaging 5 days at the moment so you might need to be a bit more patient.

I feel like this is just your side of the story. There is nothing the Fiverr forum can do to help you, that’s a job for CS to decide what to do.


Thanks, didnt know that. Not sure if I exactly told him to give me positive feedback, but I said it confidently as we got immidiate very good results.

Cmon I did not deserve rate 1 for this, that was really brutal :frowning: . The customer is also bad rated by other buyers as well.

It sounds like that’s exactly what you have done :joy:

Maybe? Or maybe we haven’t heard their side of the story and possibly it is an accurate review?

I posted the conversation link with screenshots to Fiverr support. Why are you so negative and trying your best to drag me down? :frowning:

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They were a scammer.

There is no sick child and if there is, it’s one they bought from a poor drug addict somewhere.

Parents with children with life-threatening illnesses do not come to Fiverr in the hope of finding financial support. All you can do is try not to be sucked into this kind of scam in the future.

When people want a discount, they are really saying that they hate you. Avoid people with sob stories like the plague.


You have violated Fiverr’s Terms of Service. First you asked for feedback, which isn’t allowed, and then you spammed your buyer with additional messages.

I’m sorry this happened to you, but you broke the rules, and when CS reviews what happened, you might get an account warning.


Never do that again. Unfortunately for you, you got a horrible person as a client, but a good person would also be annoyed by that message.

Buyers can simply disappear and never leave a review, it’s their right.

I’m really sorry this happened to you. :frowning:


I didnt spammed. Do you know definition of spam? Yes, I didnt know about the feedback, but I was pretty confident, and if it was wrong from me I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. However, I did not deserve rate 1 by any mean, and its not fair. I was hoping I might get any help, but I see so much negative energy around here, ppl tend to drag you down instead to help and give you some advices. I hope I will not regret posting this here, I hope there are others, more kind people.

As much as I hate to say it, this is probably untrue. I doubt that this was legitimate and it sounds like a scam.

You shouldn’t have done this. Can’t you see that this is exactly what they wanted?

You’ve let yourself get scammed… and your community. People have just poured money into this for nothing, you should’ve spotted it.

That’s against TOS.

Is he entitled to? Does he need to? No.

It’s incredibly unprofessional for you to say this, and appalling behaviour. You are also spamming him, so I suggest you leave him alone.

He is absolutely in his rights to do that. You were spamming him - bombarding him with messages.

In conclusion, you fell right into a trap. They played you like a puppet, and not only did they scam you, but they used you to scam your own community. Then, you broke the rules, broke TOS, and harassed them. You clearly haven’t even read TOS, as you said…

…which means you are being held to a contract you know nothing about.

So do you deserve a 1-star review? I think so.

You haven’t read TOS, which means you don’t know the first thing about who deserves what on this platform. I suggest you give them a long, hard read.


On Fiverr, even one unwanted message is treated as spam. That’s how it is here.

Because people are informing you that you broke the rules, and that Fiverr could punish you for it?

Advice? Not much you can do now. You can respond to the 1 star review and tell your side of the story, and you can hope that you won’t get banned for spamming that buyer twice (first when you asked for feedback, the next time when you messaged them again).

Other than that:

  • Don’t fall for scams (basically, all sob stories are scams) again

  • Never ask for feedback again

  • Never send unwanted messages again

  • Remember that buyers don’t have to leave a review if they don’t want to, and that they don’t owe you a “thank you”, either. Sure, saying “thanks” is a polite thing to do, but the only thing a buyer owes you is to pay you for your service.

  • Read Fiverr’s Terms of Service so that you don’t violate them again (you can get banned for unknowingly violating the rules; ignorance doesn’t help as an excuse)


I’m not trying to drag you down, just telling you the cold hard truth that you have broken the rules and you really should invest some time in reading the TOS

I really feel bad for you. First you fell for a scam and now you may be at risk of being slapped by a warning.

There is really no help anyone can offer here but you can learn never to pity ANY client…you’re in business and you better keep it that way.

And lastly, like everyone else has said, never message a client for a feedback! At least not twice. They’ll feel harrassed and may even end up reporting you to Fiverr support.

There are really mean people out there…and I honestly believe you didn’t deserve a 1star( even if your client was a scam).

So sorry.

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I suggest just mark the please consider this request solved and move on. Because you violated not only one but 2 TOS.

You are most likely to get a warning. I’m sorry you had to go through this but I would have marked the consider this request solved button and move on. Save yourself from a warning.



I’ve done work for cancer, genetic diseases, s u i c i d e prevention rallies and events. Most of those events were in the name of a person who had, unfortunately, already passed. It’s a tough and heartbreaking job indeed but not a single one of those buyers tried to talk me into (or force me into) more work or discounts. They were incredibly pleasant people in terrible circumstances.

It never once occurred to me to offer a discount either since my services are reasonably priced as it is and who knows what I might be going through in my personal life.

So I’m not so sure little Lucas exists.

It could be that we finally got ourselves a buyer who is incredibly sensitive to requests to rate/review. In which case, let it be a lesson to everyone who thinks that it’s totally fine to ask for reviews if you word it right.


They clearly are a scammer, but you violated the TOS, so be careful about involving the CS.
And even if they weren’t a scammer, one might think repeatedly reminding a person in the middle of a personal tragedy to rate your work on a freelance site is not such a good idea. That’s just common sense and basic empathy.

I do feel sorry for you, but as others stated above there’s not much to be done now. Reply to the review with your side of the story and move on to working on getting your overall rating back on track.
It might also be a good idea to report them on the crowdfunding site they are on.

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@careem so sad :sleepy:

You don’t need me to add to all the voices about breaking TOS, etc.

But I will pass on a quick thought based on my experience of dealing with fundraisers and charities.

Without exception over the years, every single individual and organisation I’ve dealt with in a fundraising / charitable capacity treat their dealings with me as an investment. They pay me X amount, but in return they receive XXX amount of value back.

I think it’s fine to offer a charity rate (that’s a personal decision), but remember it’s still your time they’re taking - and that’s time when you’re not earning money from other orders.


None of us can do anything to change the review you received. Fiverr allows buyers to leave any review THEY think best reflects their order with you – not what YOU think their experience should have been. As hard as it may be to accept this, you (any seller) are not entitled to the kind of review you want. It doesn’t sound like the buyer did anything wrong, whereas, yes, as has been noted, you crossed a few lines you shouldn’t have crossed.


SMH :woozy_face:

OK, yeah it’s unfortunate that the Buyer’s child is sick. But at the end of the day what does that have to do with you? If a Buyer comes to you and says they are starving and don’t have food to eat, what are you suppose to do? Buy a Happy Meal? No, you do NOTHING!

If a Buyer comes to you and says, his/her pants :jeans: is bursting at the seams. Are you doing to buy the Buyer new pants? NOPE!

You are offering a service that they must PAY for. The Buyer was using this sob story to play on your mental, which worked. The Buyer used you and now you’re here in this predicament. I hope you’ve learned a lesson.

Are you on this platform to make money or work for FREE?

This is a business, not charity. :pineapple:

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