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Customer Quick Facts/Dossier popups

An idea I’ve been playing around with to improve customer/seller relations (something most of us do already to some extent, but on our own and with limited success)…

Let’s get Fiverr to add a simplified popup or quick link to our buyers’ usernames where we can edit/add useful information:

-Like, their given name if they provided it in communications.
-Or, a summary of the company they work with and what work they typically order.

The notations would only be for seller’s personal use to reference when in communication with a client as a fast dossier when they are on-the-go and maybe don’t have their full history in front of them. I always wish when I’m responding via my mobile, that I could easily reference a regular client’s name or history without having to dig through my message thread.

This would be different from the notes you can make on order pages (which I find are mostly useless anyway), and give sellers the chance to create personal and appropriate notations–rather than just how many orders the client has placed.

Thoughts from anyone?


Absolutely, same thought about order notes, I can’t remember on which of n orders of customer x I wrote some note, I have many repeat/regular customers, so, notes on customer profiles would be far more useful to me.
Actually, come to think of it, I may have made pretty much exactly this same suggestion sometime lol but perhaps the time is … righter now or fortune smiles on this thread or something :slight_smile:


Fiverr team can simply add a Favorite button on chat. So we can quickly jump on important messages on inbox. Currently, we have stared an order feature. here we can save quick notes regarding an order.

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Though clicking on the link in the inbox that is shown where it shows how many orders they’ve placed shows all their past orders so that would show what they typically order (though it doesn’t do a count of each different gig).

It should be okay as long as the buyers are okay with it and Fiverr is (eg. and their terms of service). Though the buyers wouldn’t have any control over it and would it be affected by things like the data protection act/GDPR?

My gig as so many extras that each basically turns into a unique “type” some clients order IVRs, some character app games, some video whiteboard narrations–all are still my basic “voiceover” gig, so this would enable me to notate more specifics.

I don’t think it should violate any rights, since the buyers are the ones providing the info to us as sellers, and we only use it for personal reference…


That would be really helpful, but I’d still like a way to make personal notes too. :laughing:


Hi Miiila! I didn’t see that note anywhere, (dumb of me to think I was the first one to make this topic). You’re welcome to reference that thread here!

New thread is great, you got me totally wrong. It’s “dangerous” :wink: on the forum anyhow to reopen and comment on old threads, they’ll often get comments about posting in old threads and closed then. I’m glad you brought this up, as I said, I’d find such a feature very useful :slight_smile:

A CRM for Fiverr (but not for hustling). I like it!

It’s a big hassle having to go through multiple streams of history on a repeat client to make sure you are delivering the best service and not repeating content. It should be more efficient.


Thanks for the endorsement! Hopefully someone up there is watching and can take this to implementation!