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Customer reported me, what can I do?

About a month a half back, a customer came to me for a logo creation, he was acting very rude but I still worked with him, after a couple of revisions, he still didn´t liked the changes he asked for, even though I made every change he wanted, and he threatened to cancel the order. So I told him that if he wished he could cancel them, since he was acting very rude. He then instantly proceeded to report me out of anger, even though I gave him the refund with no hesitation.

Since then I´ve been having trouble getting customers for that specific gig, I had just one request, but it was a recurrent customer, my question is: Did fiverr hided my gig or something so people can´t find me, or is it something else? And how can I contact them so they can help me out. Thanks for listening me! :slight_smile: