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Customer reported me, what can I do?

About a month a half back, a customer came to me for a logo creation, he was acting very rude but I still worked with him, after a couple of revisions, he still didn´t liked the changes he asked for, even though I made every change he wanted, and he threatened to cancel the order. So I told him that if he wished he could cancel them, since he was acting very rude. He then instantly proceeded to report me out of anger, even though I gave him the refund with no hesitation.

Since then I´ve been having trouble getting customers for that specific gig, I had just one request, but it was a recurrent customer, my question is: Did fiverr hided my gig or something so people can´t find me, or is it something else? And how can I contact them so they can help me out. Thanks for listening me! :slight_smile:

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It’s common, some people are not happy with your service. Anyways, Don’t worry about that. Be patients and try to dont get any new report from other customer within one month. Because if you will get 2 reports within one month your account will be disabled by Fiverr. Takecare :upside_down_face::blush:

So someone didn’t like what you provided them.

It happens.

I would take a hard look at your skills and develop more Gigs based on what you can actually do.

See if that changes things for you.

Don’t dwell on this experience as we all have stories just like it. Focus instead on building your freelance service.

Good luck.

The cancellation/the effect on completion rate probably affected your rank - made your gig go further down the list. You could check if the gig is still in the search engine through the option in the helpdesk.