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Customer requested refund on large order due to shipping damage, wont send pics of damage

Not sure what steps I should take here. The order was fairly large, and I was fine with refunding them the money especially if it was damaged from shipping (I took out insurance on the order because of it’s size). I responded to the customer immediately after their request for a refund, and they told me they would send pictures when they get back home - I get nothing all day.

The next day I don’t see anything, and I told them if they’d like a refund, they need to provide proof of the damage so I can start the refund process (order was already closed for 4 days at this point) and file an insurance claim with USPS, and they have 48 hours to send me the photos. It’s been a day and a half since I gave them the 48 hours, and they still have yet to get back to me.

If they don’t end up sending me the pictures of the damage, should I just assume it was an attempted scam and move on? The order is closed, so fiverr will pay me out within a week or so, after that there’s not really much I can do. I don’t want to put my business at risk for a lawsuit, whatever the case may be, and if it legitimately did get damaged in shipping I want to give him his money back.

Any advice?

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Lol, worst case scenario. :stuck_out_tongue: Hey, it’s america, people sue for crazy things nowadays.

If it is a repeat buyer it is probably legit. Give it a couple of days maybe they will still reply. At this point there is really nothing you can really do except wait. Good you have stated it is for the insurance claim.

They already left me a 5 star review, which somewhat leads me to believe the claim was legitimate. I’ve done business with this buyer twice before with no problems, either. It’s just… odd.

It sounds legitimate to me. It is possible he has no way or ability to take photos, as strange as that might sound, or simply doesn’t want to bother. You have done your best to help him so there isn’t much else you can do. He won’t sue you if he left 5 stars, and has not complied with your request for pictures.

If you already told that buyer that you need to provide those photos to USPS for insurance purposes and he didn’t reply, so yes I would assume it was an attempt of scam.

I have offered a refund a couple of times and they always responds instantly… People would love to get a refund specially if its a large amount… so if the 48 hrs passed just ignore it, I am assuming they won’t even review you.

Good luck!

a lawsuit, really??