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Customer requesting Skype ID


Hi,A user purchased one of my gigs which is to create a wordpress website and is repeatedly asking for my skype ID for discussing his requirements.Is this against Fiverr’s policy?


Yes it is, unless it’s a gig which requires Skype - CS can okay this in advance. Please keep all your communication inside Fiverr for your own safety!


Maybe you can create a Skype ID just for Fiverr?

Let’s say your Fiverr gig is five dollars. Anyone that contacts you outside Fiverr , you will do the gig, minimum price: $600 :grin:


You need to get the OK from Fiverr Support. Keep in mind, only do this when it’s crucial. In any other case try to keep communication on-site.


Fiverr should create a communication platform that allows both parties to talk physically within Fiverr, Live Chat with Audio. I am one of those GIG buyers who has faced several time delays and project issues due to the limitation of only text. Language barriers make reading each others communication very difficult when you are not sure if they understand or if you understand them, communication is the shortest distance between two people. Surely, a messaging station doesn’t serve the purpose completely.


though fun, it’s absolutely right :slight_smile: