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Customer requests Modification with no changes wanted

This happens occasionally, and I’m not sure the correct course to take. I deliver the order, and the customer requests a modification with a statement along the lines of, “I don’t have any changes yet, but I need a few days to review further.” So, the order sits in limbo, with a request for modification, but nothing for me to do. Does this affect my rating or my on-time delivery? How would you handle this type of situation?


I had a similar scenario like that recently. :confused: Politely advise the Buyer that clicking on the revision button. When there aren’t any revisions to be done is considered abuse of that feature and against Fiverr’s ToS. I’d re-deliver and iterate that the order will auto-close in (3) days which is ample time to request a revision if need be.


the same problem i am facing it have spend 10 days and my order is not complete yet buyer ask for revision ans seed give me one day i will review it and 3 days spend i deliver the order again then again the ask for revision it has been 10 days that i am facing this problem finally my completion Rate drop stile i am waiting for there review :frowning:

This is called abuse of the revision button and is in the terms of service as not allowed so you should tell your buyer that and ask him to complete the order.

You can find that section of the terms of service and copy and paste it to show him.


If they asked again for a revision, re-deliver the same thing again and tell them to stop abusing the revision button as it is against the terms of service.

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The revision button is like a curse. People think they can just clickety-click forever. Even, if a gig description clearly shows :no_entry_sign: NO revisions, that button defeats the purpose. :confused:


I didn’t think it was something as terrible as not complying with the TOS, just annoying. However, I can’t find where it’s actually an issue in the TOS. Can you point me in the right direction?
All I can find is the following, which doesn’t address requesting a revision as a stalling technique:
* Requests for revisions can be performed through the Order page while the order is marked as Delivered.
* Requesting to gain more services from sellers beyond the agreed requirements by using the Request Revisions button is not allowed.

nothing happen stile are asking for revision there revision is noting

Yeah, just talk to them and try your best to teach them good Fiverr etiquette.

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Using it to extend the delivery time is abusing it. I took a look at the TOS and didn’t see it but believe me they can’t do that.