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Customer requests order cancellation


I received an order yesterday that, unbeknownst to me at the time, was filled with incorrect information. The client needed a professional letter and I completed the order with the information they provided, including links and company name. There was another word thrown in, one time, that was in all caps. Since the company name was peppered throughout the request, that’s what I used as well as the limited information they provided to write a recruitment letter. They requested a cancellation because they weren’t happy. Said we weren’t on the same page. It wasn’t until then that they told me the company name that was supposed to be used, which was the one word in all caps, written one time. When I looked it up, it wasn’t even the same. Not based in the same country and their social handles were completely different from what I was originally provided. I contacted CS and thoroughly explained the situation, so I hope they can help. I don’t want to lose the sale for a serious miscommunication. Anyone have any thoughts?