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Customer Resolution center not responding at all

I have problem with seller. I order a logo, after seeing the first delivery which is an image copy than logo, i requested a cancellation. Seller refused to cancel and sent one more internet image and marked the order as delivered. I raised this to customer care to resolve the issue, since 3 days no response from them. Meanwhile, I am getting a message from fiverr, delivery made and money will be released to seller automatically.

Two things wrong here,

  1. Once dispute is made, seller won’t able to make any delivery and automatic release of funds should be stopped. This is process gap on Fiverr side
  2. Customer care, not responding at all, despite of my message and no customer support numbers, this indicates Fiverr customer support levels, there is no other forum I can report.

Only option left for me to go to social media to publish this experience.

You should have requested to cancel again. After the seller delivers (or, in your case, “delivers”), if you don’t request a modification (or a cancellation) for 3 days, the order is automatically marked as complete.

You can try updating the ticket you sent to Customer Support (if you haven’t already done it, send them screenshots proving that the seller sent you stolen images) and ask them for help, just don’t open a new ticket about the same matter. The seller will only get the funds 14-15 days after the order was marked as complete; until then, there’s still time for a refund.

Also, if I understood you correctly and the order is marked as complete, you can leave a review on the order page and tell your story.

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In case you didn’t receive the automated immediate "we got your ticket, current response time is… " mail and can’t see your ticket when clicking through in the dashboard - there were a few people lately who had some bug that kept their support tickets from sending. I think one of them “solved” it by using a different browser, you could also mail them at but replies to tickets are supposedly faster.

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Don’t worry… You have 14 days to get a refund!!

Yes, I requested to cancel, but seller refused it and send one more image and changed order as delivered. When I open, ticket at resolution center, I haven’t received any confirmation email.

Now I cancelled the order again, lets see what happens.