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Hello there,

I have many potential customer messaging that they are interested in my illustrations and would like to place an order. But, once I replied to their messages and specifically as for more details about the task they suddenly stop replying.

Am I doing something wrong? There are almost 4 to 5 cases like that.



Without knowing the wording of their messages, or your reply, couldn’t say.

Chances are, they’re messaging multiple sellers and trying to get cheap work. In which case: stand your ground! Don’t let yourself work for less than your time and talent is worth.


Thank you for your reply. Perhaps you are right, they probably messaging a few sellers and looking for the one who can work with minimal payments.

It’s so boring. They’re chatting more sellers and trying to get cheap work. Otherwise, If you don’t want this, click the spam option.
Thank you.

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Yes, that’s probably the main reason for this issue. Thank you for your reply anyway.

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