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Customer retaliation

I had this order placed with no info in the morning and with a 2 day express delivery…i asked the user for the info and she said she will have the info at night, why placing an order with express delivery if you have no info?

later i received a message saying she could not find anything, that nothing likes her…i did the job and she did not like it, i offered a cancelation and she REFUSED the request saying she will find some references on what to do, the info arrived 4 hours before delivery and after i make a second example then i had to stay the weekend at home when i was about to leave home for an event i had…she rated my order with 4.5 at the end and when i rate her with 3 stars because she was unresponsive she lower my rate on retaliation, i asked her what happened and she was making a tantrum and acting mad asking me to make a cancelation she treated me doing a paypal dispute and reporting me…of course at the end she changed my rate to the worst one (images attached), i contacted customer support but i don’t know what will happen, she harms my job and she acts on retaliation on a very inmature way…it is sad we have to give a good rate on users even when some of them are nasty and act this way. Now she’s lying to my clients saying i did not use the font and layout she gave me, here is the proof of the job done…all this is a baby tantrum and she want to get the job for free, i can’t believe this from a 65 years old looking woman and saying she is very professional.

Let her do a Paypal dispute. Her account will be banned by Fiverr. Once that happened you can have the review removed based on the fact that the user was banned due to breaking TOS. I had to do this once.

Reply to @jtengle: what about if she don’t make the dispute? i have to keep this rate based on retaliation not on my job? will she keep my work for free? thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Unfortunately this kind of thing happens too often. I’ve had very odd and immature buyers, but the system isn’t perfect and we can’t expect every random person who uses our services to be a competent and professional buyer. Some will scam you and some will threaten to leave bad reviews even when you did nothing wrong. Maybe you just tried to stick to your policy and charge for revisions, and they want them for free. I just had a guy rate me 4 stars instead of 5 and I even gave him extra. When I asked why, he said the work was amazing but I was more expensive ($10 - clearly outlined on gig) than others. He didn’t have to order! But then he wanted to place another order, saying my services were better than others. I politely told him it may be better for him to find a seller he can give 5 stars to.

I wish Fiverr allowed sellers the option of approving orders before they come in so we can try to avoid situations that would prove to be negative for one or both parties.

Reply to @kickgom: That just depends on customer support. If you catch the right person in the right mood then they might remove the review. Just show them the evidence posted above and hopefully they will do the right thing.

I would have offered the refund. If they are not 100% happy, they should get a refund. Always take the high ground. Anything else just hurts your business and reputation.

Reply to @thebooklady: yes, it is ridiculous and it is a shame fiverr allows to change rates. i hope fiverr one day could do something about it as this is becomming most common every day…as you said i wish we can approve the orders before too, or be able to block users.

Thanks for the reply

i did but she refuse it 2 times, now when the order is completed she wants it…she was happy, 4.5 is a good rate the problem came after i rate her…i don’t know if i still can cancel, but i think if i am able she could leave bad feedback along with cancelation.