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Customer review check, a simple useful feature

Just a simple idea: after a customer accepts the delivery, in the review process if he/she clicks on less than 5 stars, a simple message will pop with a message similar to this “Do you confirm the 4 out of 5 rating?” and they can than click on: “Ok” to confirm the number of stars or “Edit” in order to select the number of stars again.
Sometime people give 4.3 / 4.7 / 4 stars out of 5 stars by mistake by not clicking on the wanted number of stars for various reasons, like using a mobile device or doing it in a rush.
Some of my clients don’t even notice, I message them asking if all was okay with the delivery because they gived me 4.7 for example and they replay with: “I thought I gave you 5 stars”
What do you think about it?

PS: sorry about my english.

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I m unable to get ur last lines. Can u explain it?

It will be avoid fiverr support to give mistakely review in their phone. so you need to conatct fiverr support!

I redid the entire text… I hope now I explained better.