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Customer Satisfaction is Key

Always focus on satisfying your buyer. If you can do this each time you will begin to build a loyal customer base. This will alone be a major key to earning a good income on Fiverr.

One way to achieve this is to offer 100% satisfaction and a money-back guarantee. Each of these things will make a buyer feel at ease because it’s apparent you are focused on customer satisfaction.

The other thing you should do is offer revisions. Chances are that you won’t satisfy each and every buyer, every time on the first try. For this reason, it’s very important to make the other person aware that if they are not happy, you are willing to change that!


You make some valid points here. I personally don’t offer a money back guarantee. In my opinion a guarantee like that says to the buyer that theres a possibility that you will be unable to complete the work, I only offer one revision, for any mistakes i make. The buyer has lots of warning to check the information they send me, I will do the work exactly as they describe. This I feel gives the customer confidence in purchasing the gig.

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money back guarantee will attract scammers to u

I think a better course of action is to deliver high quality work the first time. Yes, a money back guarantee can be beneficial to lead generation, however, it also opens the door for you being put in a position where you do a lot of work, and then the buyer decides that they want their money back just because they didn’t like the work.

The thing is, you did the work. You should get paid for that work. Why waste all that time, when the buyer can just walk away with your work for free? Stand your ground; work with the buyer to meet their needs, but have limits too. Don’t give in to every buyer, just because you want to please them. Please them with good work, but know when to say no, too.

The same goes for revisions. Never, ever, ever give your work away for free via “unlimited revisions”. That’s a horrible gig choice. Once again, you’re setting yourself up to be taken advantage of. Set limits, do no more than one or two revisions, and then cut them off. Good work does not require revisions. Focus on pleasing your buyers with your first delivery.

You’re doing basic work for $5. You’re in this to make a profit. Figure out what that $5 is worth to you, your time and income goals, and then stick with it. Never, ever, EVER give your work away for free. Limits are your friend. Limits are also good business.

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Hi! You hit the nail on the head! By offering 100% guarantee and ALWAYS working with my clients to be sure they get EXACTLY what they want, I get ONLY 5 star reviews. The reviews are always very complimentary and only rarely are they the standard, “Outstanding experience,” unless it’s an ongoing special job that is speeding by.

Plus, this excellent customer experience got me to level 2 in first two months selling here. And no one ever scams me; in fact the only canceled orders were the few I canceled.

I do, however, give hem excellent work and perfect communication. This is so important.

Best of luck to all‼️😎