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Customer scammers

hello everyone i got a customer today that spammed me the same messages also the customer did not provide good details to what they wanted thier was a huge misinformation with this customer that wanted me to do a small deposit to thier website it was for websitr testinf i thought it was very strange if anyone else has had this experience please let me know cus im a new buyer i asked this customer several times to provide me info and kept spamming me


khm… block him?

Strange behavior.

But you say customer then you say you are buyer?

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If the user you’re connected with doing abnormal things which violates fiverr terms and conditions, just block him. no one get hurts.

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Yes just block his as everyone else suggest, if he spams you even more his account will get disabled

the person was being very rude and wierd and did not provide a great description of what she wanted and i told her i would give a offer to test website she said she didnt need it! how wierd is that? then when i asked any questions she had she spammed me with same message she told me to make a small deposit to website to test and see if the money would go thru but i refused to do this cus this giving out my personal stuff

A scammer in action lol

right lol i was confused the buyer confused me