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Customer Scams With the Support of Fiverr!

I have been working for a Fiverr Customer he wants to fix some errors in his/her Magento website, they send me an excel sheet of errors with a link attached to their project management console, but first they didn’t give me the any of the login details for the console so that I can check errors, they want me to fix errors without looking into it based on a text-based description and mentioned kindly refers to screenshot, I demanded to for console login credential they quoted “I should have gone through errors screen, then I would have never asked them”. after getting login details i fixed most of the errors(22 errors) as the agreed no was 17 errors.

After delivering the work they responded after two days saying that “i have not fixed errors, they still have same issue”, infact i have shared all the fixed error screenshot and videos. further justifying my work with some other screens, they asked me for code file locations where i have made error fix and code to share to them, and "from the starting they continuously asking me to work on live server “, lastly after getting lot of shame from them they said " i have never worked on it” and they want refund and cancel the order, they have all my work and i wasted 10 days my time for mere project.

Another Scam from buyer " I every month face this kind of issue and Fiverr do not care about it. I every month i loses hundred of dollars and my hard work too."

They Dont have any rules for the customers even if there is a buyer mistake.


They do have rules, trust me. They just don’t enforce them.


i’ve been scammed over 20+ times… some orders took 6/10+ continuous work hours after providing them what exactly they want and what i’ve described in my gig… As fiverr says if any buyer does that make a clear list describing that you’ve provided everything they asked or everything they could get with that price… I DO THAT TOO… then they just send a meaningless paragraph saying i wanted this and that… (which they haven’t said in the first place or i had already pointed out in my gig description i wouldn’t do any of this… later then they go to customer support… and BOOM… you see what… FIVERR CUSTOMER SUPPORT HAS CANCELLED YOUR ORDER… it makes me cry seeing someone taking my 6-8 hours of hardwork for free…

you are right, you are frustrated after sacrificing lot of hours and without taking rest just to make your client happy.

This should prompt you to see that this is way too long to spend on an order. Anyone who orders that much work for that little pay is going to be sketchy. No wonder you get scammed so much.

In any case, that amount of time is not a reasonable risk to take on an order. You could avoid it. Why don’t you?

game video edits and normal intros, logo animations… takes time right… putting effort in edits and rendering n ol…

That’s not the point.

You’re charging $5 for a full day of work. Regardless of your cost of living, whenever you do that you take on an incredibly high risk with no buffer income to mitigate it. Fiverr is a place to improve your income, but you’re voluntarily taking not only a super small one, but a very risky one.

It attracts scammers and repels professional, ethical, skilled buyers. If you want to stop the cycle, stop operating this way. It’s not going to stop happening.


yes you are absolutely correct, but as you know there is too much of competition if you don’t bid lower you don’t get order and the situation is same.

This is totally false.

If you can only get an order by charging super low there is something fundamentally wrong with your business. Why is cheap cost your value proposition? And what is the point in being here if you’re going to work 7 hours for $5?

yes i know and you are right, but its been a long time here on fiverr and i struggle a lot to get orders and if i get it here is the situation i faced most of times.