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Customer Service? I suppose you want another $5 to get back to me?

I hired [fragglesrock] to do a chalkboard graphic for a small poster. I accepted it, however when we went to print it it was too small to print above about 4 inches. I need a small poster, not a stamp. So I contacted […]. Nothing. I contacted customer service at Fiverr. Nothing. […] again. Nothing. It’s just five bucks, but the lack of professionalism - both by creating a file far too small for the definition of what [fragglesrock] advertised under (Posters & Flyers) and then customer service ignoring me tells me that perhaps you should lower your prices to a buck? Someone needs to get on the ball and step up.

Please check the print density (dpi) of the file. Perhaps the seller did not specify the actual print size and the printer was unwilling, unable to adjust to a different size that the file specified. I may be able to check it for you.

You can step up by requesting a modification and forcing the seller to respond or cancel. You are in complete control. Request a modification before it is too late.

Oh man, don’t give customer support that idea!

It’s too late for a modification in the traditional sense - I accepted the design before going to the printer and learning they gave me a small image. I figure I’ll just ask for the exact design resent as a larger file. No response. It’s unprofessional. Hey, for five bucks I’ll hire someone else to redesign - it’s not like the other guy was a super genius. He used a basic template and didn’t follow instructions the first two times.

Did it give dimensions in the original gig? Perhaps it was for a low res and you needed to upgrade?

Regardless, NO communication is NOT okay. Hopefully you can get what you need!

The printer is a friend of mine. He said I should have received a pdf or a larger file. Just the fact that the seller marketed themselves under Posters & Flyers, the minimum print size should have been 8.5 x 11. I will check the dpi - thanks!

Reply to @nicnaz: You’re welcome. Hope it works out for you.