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Customer Service ignoring me NEED UPPER MANAGEMENT


I need upper management contact info please. Was given a non working 20% off coupon and customer service has not responded back in 2 weeks. Please help me with management contact info. Thank you! Mhhill

EDIT: UPDATE: Fiverr took care of this problem finally and fairly!


Customer service (CS) is your first and last contact on Fiverr. Their decision is final. Well, unless you happen to know a Fiverr employee, or a friend/acquaintance who knows one, there is probably nothing much you can do other than to accept what CS says. If it has already been more than 3 days since you got a reply from CS, you could try contacting them again.

Is it possible that that coupon was only valid for a limited period of time and that it had probably expired by the time you wanted to use it? :thinking: Just a thought…


No I am correct they admitted their mistake with it and said would contact technical about it but haven’t heard a thing in 2 weeks now and they are ignoring further emails. I am thinking of contacting BBB and FTC at this point. Unfair business practices have no part in this world!


Update your ticket and ask them if they heard back from the technical team yet? I mean the actual ticket, no additional mails.


Have several times…thanks!


If it is, in fact, a technical issue only you are having that most certainly doesn’t make it an “unfair business practice.” Sounds like either a misunderstanding, accident, or glitch either on their end or yours.


Yeah then why are they ignoring me for 2 weeks now?


Because it’s taking longer than 2 weeks to try to fix your problem?

Once it passes onto the technical department, Fiverr CS won’t hear any more until they’ve fixed it. All you can do is to follow @miiila’s advice and ask for an update via your existing ticket. :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you all hear me??? THEY ARE IGNORING ME! Every day I ask for an update everyday I am ignored. Do you all work for fiverr? Then please tell them to fix this issue.


No - none of us work for Fiverr - we’re all just buyers and sellers like you. No point in shouting at any of us.