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Customer service is poor

According to customer service, one should only submit one complaint, and within 24-48 hours someone will address the issue. Not once has customer service contacted me, yet they’ve marked the complaint as solved and the seller, who was rude and incapable to complete the work, got paid. I’m having a hard time believing that I’m the only buyer who had difficulty with this woman. Not only was her formatting and typesetting poor, she changed the text in my document, and made spelling mistakes! I asked to cancel after her first draft, but she refused and insisted on making the corrections. Her third revision was worse than the first! Horrible experience. I’ve used Fiverr before, and due to this last experience, I won’t be using it again.


You can always ask for revisions until you are satisfied…
And maybe you can’t cancel the order because of poor services…

You can always ask for revisions until you are satisfied.

She did 3 revisions and each got worse than the last. There is absolutely no excuse for changing an authors text.