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Customer Service Needs a Response Rate Measurement

Since Fiverr insists on holding sellers hostage to a response rate tracker, then customer support should be held to the same standard. Respond within 24 hours or be subject to reduced pay.

9 days since I submitted a ticket concerning the fact that I am no longer able to update my gig. The issue is unresolved and I still can’t get an answer. So maybe instead of trying to control your non-employees, you might want to do a better job of making sure your ACTUAL employees are doing their job.

Just a thought. Feel free to ignore it, like you ignore everything else your users have to say.

I understand your frustration, so I’m trying to give you some tips. Try editing your gig by deleting everything and just enter one word and save it. Just make sure to keep the title in tact. This also goes for gig extras. Delete them all and re-add them. Don’t do it at the same time. First delete all gig extras then when you are done, remove all content from the gig description (not the title) and save it. Later try re-adding the description.

I know it helps sometimes because there are most likely some bad characters that were saved. If that fails, you still have to wait for customer support, but I know it can help as I had the same issues.

Last but not least: Support desks are always busy. No matter how large a company is. People contact support for every possible reason and open duplicate tickets in hopes that it goes faster, but in reality it makes everything slower, as support agents need to open all tickets. People even contact support for general questions that are covered on help pages, so fiverrs agents are always busy. On a side note: they are hiring new people, so maybe response times will get better soon.

Hope this helps a little.

Have you tried a different browser t edit your gig? I recommend srware iron for example. Sometimes you catch some malware without anti virus programs noticing which render browsers useless. Often such malware targets large sites just like fiverr, then trying a different browser might be a solution. Maybe it’s worth a try as most times the best help is helping yourself instead of waiting for wonders to happen :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Reply to @presseditor: Thanks for the tips. I do appreciate them. Unfortunately, my gig is so messed up that I can’t input or delete any characters in the text boxes. I can’t add or remove options. I can’t change the price of extras or change my delivery time. It’s just on one gig, the rest edit just fine.

And yes, I know they are busy, but 9 days is ridiculous for even the largest companies. TRS are supposed to get priority support as well.

This is more of a frustrated rant than anything. :smiley: