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Customer service preformence

Based on your experience, how much time it takes until you get an answer from fiver customer service?

I don’t mean automatic answer, I mean a solution or further inquiry about the nature of the problem.


Customer Support are extremely busy at present and can take more than 10 days to respond.

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is that based on your last expierience ?
is there some seasonal over load?

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It is based on forum posts and seems to be due to the pandemic.

Here is a topic: Fiverr CS is evolving, just backwards you may find interesting.

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My last experience was 3 months ago…it was smooth and they responded me in just 4 hours ! human reply !

But I guess its depends on the what level you are…!

It depends, in my experience the response time can vary considerably.
I am not sure why… maybe it depends on the types of questions. There are different types of queries, perhaps some problems have priority over others (or maybe some ticket categories are simply overburdened, and it takes longer for CS to answer them).

i appreciate fiverr customer service response.

I don’t think the pandemic can effect that. I’m sure they are doing home office.

im level two. in the past the service was better, could be that new users are preferred? I doubt it.

I waited a lot of time and basically the answer was just an explanation of the problem and not even a suggestion for a solution. it seems they focus on being polite and not problem solving. I reached a solution with the client and just wanted them to confirm the event will not effect my rating and even that needed more than one email.

I think they should implement rating system like we have

You’re assuming the employees are individually capable (proper set-up and connection) of working from home. Not everyone has the latest tech.

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Let’s be patient and hope for the best! :heart:

In addition to what @imagination7413 posted:

The pandemic has brought an influx of new sellers to Fiverr which has substantially increased the workload placed on Customer Support.