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Customer Service tips

Guys here are a few tips I use on the customer service end to communicate with clients.


  1. Don’t greet with ma/sir you might know the gender of the buyer.

  2. Don’t greet with your time; “good afternoon, good evening”. You and the buyer might not be on the same time zone.

  3. Rather use the most formal greeting… “Hello, thanks for contacting me, Bla bla bla.”


  • Always ask questions where you don’t understand.

  • show examples of your past works where necessary

  • rather than refer to them as ma or sir… Look out if they drop their name, if they do use their name. Else don’t use any name at all

  • if a client doesn’t respond after a long conversation about a job, still send an offer they may accept it later.

  • Be nice when clients ask for revisions…

Hope this helps in some way


I thing before sending an offer, there should have a small discussion and agree with the terms, services and budgets. Because sending an offer before discussing in detail can be considered as discourteous.


Yes I agree with that…

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thanks for sharing your observations.

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Thanks. It’s very helpful for me.

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