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Customer Service to the Rescue! Thank you!


A few days ago I had one of THOSE BUYERS…you know the ones–the one who buys the basic gig, but orders 37 extra services without paying for them. Okay, it wasn’t 37, but it more than quadrupled the value of what he paid for.

Whenever a client underpays for the services he or she needs, I politely refer him or her to the gig description and requirements, etc., and ask he or she to please purchase the additional services so I can start the gig. They do and we’re all happy campers, or Happy Fiverrs.

But not this time. He refused to pay for the additional services. After sending several messages, he finally offered to pay for another $5 gig but no more. I had to kindly refuse his generous offer as this was not nearly enough for what he needed me to do. As I had a ton of work to do, and no time to suffer delays, I sent a cancellation request. He refused to cancel. Then he bought another $5 gig, thinking that would be enough. It was nowhere near enough. And then he sent a barrage of messages telling me to get to work, he needs this now, etc.

So now I was stuck with two gigs. With the cancellation request denied, I figured, I’m up the creek, so I’ll just have to eat this gig. Actually, two gigs now. So I record the gigs, do my best and send them.

Then I sent a lovely letter to Customer Service, figuring at the very least I would get to vent and forget the whole thing. Here is part of my reply from CS:

“Because your buyer broke the Terms of Service, we were able to complete the orders for you. If you prefer to discontinue communicating with them, you may block the user from being able to message you.”

CS went ahead and auto-accepted the gigs so they were marked completed, and implied some sort of action against the buyer for his behavior, which as per the Privacy Policy, they would not divulge…

The moral of the story: don’t give up on Customer Service.If you have a less-than-positive experience with a buyer, report the situation. They can go back through the communication and see what really happened. It isn’t true that CS always rules in favor of Buyers. I woke up to a lovely message from CS about the whole situation and a brand new day full of great buyers and the chorus of angels in heaven sang for me.

Don’t give up…you have more to gain than to lose. Use your resources.Venting here in the Forum may help your troubles soul, but it may not get you the results you need.

I wish you success friends and send warm greetings from Cancun, Mexico!



That’s wonderful Andy, thanks for sharing that. I’ve seen that customer service has been understanding and helpful when a buyer behaves badly too.


I had read so many negatives rants here about CS, so I figured it is right to give credit where it’s due, and they earned my respect. Cheers misscrystal.


Thanks for sharing this, Andy. I too have found CS to be helpful.


Given that now cancellations weigh a lot more than in the past, due to the new Levels criteria and such, maybe CS deals with them more carefully and puts more effort towards solving them favorably. I mean, in the past CS would’ve told us to deal with the buyer and that was all.


It’s nice that they completed the orders automatically. That way there was no cancellation needed. This may be something new they are doing. :+1: :+1: :+1:


In the past, they used to say that they can’t make the buyer accept the order.


I’m so happy to hear this good news! It’s very exciting to see there are developments on the seller side of customer support. Fiverr is headed in the right direction!


True, it’s why I was so surprised the next morning to receive the news from Fiverr. A nice surprise is always a good surprise.


Thanks For sharing this.I am excited to see the implementation with me


Fiverr Customer Service is the Best in the Biz!!